Thursday, March 17, 2005

piglet eiffel

piglet eiffel
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trying to pack clothes for a two-interview trip is not fun. would rather consider the comment from the kotsker i think it was that abc showed me when we studied yesterday: do not put on a false face in front of the One who has no face - it is idolatry.

still working on the idolatry part in terms of understanding it. still working on not putting on a false face in terms of learning how to be real as much of the time as i can. love the concept that god has no face - that way no one person or group may claim that they are the only ones made in god's image.

so - off for a week for these interviews ... arrive back on purim, but late in the evening so i shall not be able to celebrate. decided it would not be a good idea to try and get on the plane dressed as a persian :-)

as for piglet eiffel ... the first of two or three fun shots from a trip to paris a couple of years ago. enjoy!

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  1. wish i had that false face quote to use when i was at camp. dress code called for skirts or dresses for girls, and i didn't feel like me if i wasn't wearing pants or shorts. i said i needed to be able to be myself in order to talk to god. and i had these great navy batik pants and nice chambray button-down shirt to match, that felt respectful and felt like me, but it was rare that i "got away with" wearing them. i should have been respected for that, if anything.