Friday, June 16, 2006

40,000 quarters

40,000 quarters
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about 9 months ago, our amazing temple educator got our religious school kids, and the ones at her other temple, involved with an organisation called the i.n.n.

we had learned that there are 40,000 hungry people in nassau/suffolk counties. we wanted to see what 40,000 looked like (we'd seen the movie 'paperclips') and lauren decided we would collect 40,000 quarters, lay them all out on the floor at the synagogue, and then give the $10,000 to the i.n.n.

yesterday we completed this particular project. this picture is of the quarters spead out on the carpet. at first we placed them very carefully edge to edge. as time went on, we ended up pouring the rest on the floor and spreading them out as flatly as we could! as you may notice in this picture!

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