Saturday, June 10, 2006

random memory

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this photo was an accident ... was working for syndication international yet paying for my own film so - wanting to save - i would take out a half-finished film if i needed to change films and mark how many frames were used, and then put it back in at another time. messed up this one, and ended up with arlo guthrie with faint joan baez over his heart!

unfortunately, since that time joan baez is no longer anywhere near my own heart. she had a hissy fit that evening. i was so excited to be able to shoot her concert, having grown up with her as an icon set before me. so i went out to the centre aisle for my 2 song allowance. i knelt down so i was not in anyone's line of vision. i had no flash attachment. all of a sudden she stops playing in the middle of a song. she points at me and says, in front of several hundred people, "you! put that f***ing camera away!!" i looked behind me, because i assumed it was someone without permission. she continued to yell at me: "i won't play anymore if you don't get rid of that ******* camera!" then the punters in the seats started yelling at me ... "yeah, put it away! we paid for these seats!" etc. so away i went.

this was at what used to be the hammersmith odeon, and i had given up going to qpr for this gig. luckily, i made the second half, so the evening was not a total waste.

anyway, this is why i am no longer fond of ms. baez.

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