Saturday, June 10, 2006

mad at the bbc

was so excited during the england vs hungary commentary on five live to hear they would be broadcasting all of the world cup matches.

today though UK ONLY grumble mutter

have you ever followed a sporting event by reading text online?

the only one that i find bearable is cricket - firstly because the game is slow enough that the writer can describe it well and i can follow it well - secondly because, sometimes at least, the style of the writer makes it entertaining to read. i like the guys on cricinfo.

someone asked me the other day for whom i am rooting. i had not thought about it since it seemed obvious that i want england to do well. but i am an american, and the u.s. are actually ranked higher than england in the world rankings. so, i answered my young congregant with a convoluted babbling that i think said that i'd like the usa to do well also and that brazil is probably the best team and that holland have always been my favourite european team and in the end it is only qpr so since peter crouch used to play for us i have to follow england and the last first team game theo walcott played before making the england team was against qpr and the #3 for jamaica in the warm-up game against england has just signed for qpr and you see how this is going ... ?

half-time. england lead paraguay 1-0. time to get some breakfast.

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