Saturday, June 17, 2006

fathers' day tomorrow :-(

2004 ahf @ lbc ordination
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just now, after shabbat services, someone behind me wished someone in front of me a happy fathers' day (or is it father's day?) and my stomach dropped like i missed a step.

on 8th july it will be two years since ahf died.

this is the last known picture of my father - speaking at the leo baeck college ordination on the sunday. that afternoon was the final of the european championships, and we spoke a little before he handed the phone over to my mother and went to watch the game on television. a while later he picked up the extension to say, "the greeks have scored!" and a while later than that he picked up again to announce with glee, "the greeks have won!"

those were the last words i heard him say. and they were about football. he died on the wednesday.

i have this photo on the wall of my office. he never could keep his tallit on straight. neither can i :-)

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