Thursday, May 08, 2008

happy 60th birthday israel!

yesterday we observed yom hazikaron, and remembered all those who have died in order to preserve our right to a country of our own. today we celebrate the birthday of that country. i will not contradict any arguments that mistakes have been made along the way, by all parties concerned. i have, however, come to realise that i will not abandon the beliefs that israel has a right to exist; and that no matter what happens elsewhere in the world, there is one country to which jews may always return.


  1. I heartily endorse that. Happy birthday Israel!

    As an aside, I'm not very happy to see Luigi de Canio go. He's done a great job and I don't see the sense in not letting him follow throuigh on it.

  2. i totally agree with you kris - if you are not on the qpr list, you should look for a video on daily motion by 'we are the rangers boys' and pblock pete where they get to say goodbye. i shall see if i can blog it.