Monday, May 19, 2008

being sad

so i talked to my rav the other day. the rav of ravaj put it to me straight. people you love die, and it hurts like hell, and you keep going. why? because that's what you do. it is all you can do. and you do it again the next time. and again. and again and again.

in the middle of all this, i watch a doctor who episode about agatha christie and an alien lifeform and rather enjoy it; i buy some packs of baseball cards and pick out the red sox ones to trade with the 3rd graders for their yankees rejects; i eat mango someone else (or a machine) has peeled and sliced; i play scramble on facebook and i listen to a novelty record by david bowie ('the laughing gnome'). and now and then i cry.

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  1. cantorjacquie10:10 pm

    dear ravaj, I know this pain all too well. If it's raining by you as much as it is in Central Jersey, that doesn't help either. You and your rav are right; just one foot in front of the other - what else can we do? In the meantime, mangoes are yummy, you are a terrific writer, and a science teacher told me the other day that tears contain the actual genetic material of our memories.