Sunday, May 18, 2008

an introduction to janis ian

janis ian last night in concord mass

at one point janis said that sometimes she wonders why she is not more famous, like joan baez. all i can say is thank goodness she is nothing like joan baez (you may remember i have a particular dislike for this woman based on her effing and blinding me in front of a packed hammersmith odeon). janis has a great sense of humour, and sang gentle and beautiful folkie songs plus a cool cover of 'love me do' by the beatles. this was my first exposure to any of her music except for the famous song ('at 17') and i had a very pleasant evening. i did not fall madly in love with her like my dear friend lg, but i am also in a bit of an emotional limbo right now as i come to terms with the loss of janet. i did notice that i was probably one of the youngest people there, which was utterly strange.

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