Wednesday, September 03, 2008

dame alison munro r.i.p.

"Of the Miss Buss and Miss Beale rather than the bra-burning school of feminism, Alison Munro believed that if she was to fulfil what she saw as the school's mission of educating girls to be leaders of society, priority should be given to academic achievement: to a father foolish enough to inquire why his daughter was not learning domestic science, she replied: "We don't teach cookery, we teach chemistry.""
the telegraph

alison munro was the high mistress (principal) who interviewed me when i applied to st paul's girls' school. i have to say that i do not recall her all that well. clearer in my memory is the warning i was given before the interview that whatever i did i should not discuss either enid blyton or anything to do with horses. nevertheless, if she had not admitted me my life would have been quite different. i am glad that she did :-)

times obit

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