Friday, September 05, 2008

the wisdom of shirley maclaine

interviewed in the los angeles times on the occasion of the showing of her tv film about coco chanel:

"LA Times: Are you getting smarter as you get older?

Maclaine: No. I'm getting tired."

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  1. Anonymous4:18 am

    ? you like chanel?
    yeah, she's well known person.
    i don't know about her though.

    somehow well know designer, right?
    i'm in art related field, but when i start to think about what is my start point, there is no doubt.

    i lead well as i wish.

    anyway, i like right now, i mean
    this moment, and wil never look at
    back again. i had to do it a few
    days ago, cus you know, following

    ah, what if don't know me?
    ...yeah...never mind please...(-"-)