Friday, September 05, 2008

end of the week procrastination aid

this was my favourite candidate for the bookseller magazine's diagram prize for oddly-named publications. sadly, it was pipped to the post by 'greek rural postmen and their cancellation numbers'. noted the grauniad:

""I think the voters wanted a feelgood story about rural postmen because of all the news of post offices closing around the country," said The Bookseller's charts editor Philip Stone. He has so far been unsuccessful in his attempts to contact the book's author Derek Willan to let him know about his win. "There's no prize but the boost in sales is surely prize enough," Stone said. "When we announced our last shortlist, sales increased by 1,000%, from one copy sold in the two weeks previously to ten afterwards.""

for other losing titles, see here. for an explanation, see here.


  1. Anonymous4:24 am

    egg plant? (^-^)
    you wrote this on friday,

    i was walking around 5? 6? pm
    ..lots of people were having dinner with friend.

    i have friends. but ..yeah.
    i just missed someone.

  2. yeah, in europe many people call the eggplant an aubergine. also zucchini are known as courgettes. lots of differences between american english and english english :-)