Wednesday, December 31, 2008

interesting women who died in 2008

looking at the obituaries and lists of death for the past year, i see so many more men deemed worthy of notice than women. here then are some interesting and sometimes famous women whose passing we note at the end of 2008:

Hannah Frank
A Glaswegian artist
Nahla Hussain al-Shaly
A promoter of women's rights in Iraq
Maddie Blaustein
American transwoman voice actress
Ruth Alice Erickson
She survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour
Betty James
She named the Slinky toy
Florence Wald
Credited with starting the hospice movement in the United States of America
Rosella Hightower
Ballerina of American Indian descent who danced with Nureyev
Edith Evans Asbury
Award-winning reporter for the NY Times
Soeur Emmanuelle
One of France's most beloved figures
Dame Daphne Purves
A New Zealand educator who was born in Dunedin and lived her whole life there
Anne Margrethe Strømsheim
A Norwegian resistance heroine during the Second World War
Bonnie Bluh
A feminist novelist and essayist
Maria Esther Figueiredo Ferraz
The first woman to serve as a minister in the Brazilian government
Mary Ellen Garber
A pioneering sports journalist
Francoise Demulder
A French war photographer
Hazel Warp
A Hollywood stuntwoman
Gladys Powers
The last Canadian female WW1 veteran
Margaret Ringenberg
American aviatrix
Jennifer Gale
A homeless transwoman activist who died sleeping rough
Frances Dewey Wormser
Vaudeville and Broadway performer
Maila Nurmi
Vampira the Fifties' tv horror host
Rose Hacker
The oldest columnist in the world
Alma Hogan Snell
Crow tribal elder

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  1. that's a great list, happy to see my aunt Hannah Frank at the top!