Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the pope's foot

the phrase "the pope's nose" refers usually to the rear end of a turkey or chicken. for some reason it comes to mind when i think about the latest public assertion by the current pope that gender theory could lead to the self-destruction of the human race. the bbc reports:

"Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction. He explained that defending God's creation was not limited to saving the environment, but also about protecting man from self-destruction. The Pope was delivering his end-of-year address to senior Vatican staff."
rest of the story here.

hmmmm. presumably he still believes the canard that homosexual sex does not create children and thus decreases the population, going against god's commandment to go forth and multiply. and he's probably never heard of overpopulation, or orphans, or indian and chinese girls, or sperm banks and turkey basters. or perhaps he is thinking about moral destruction? the broken homes from divorce, and the single-parent families; the addicts; the paedophiles and the other abusers; the perpetrators of all ills in this world - none of whom are heterosexual. danke schoen for doing your bit to spread peace and love for all humankind, mate.

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