Saturday, December 27, 2008


it is the time of year for lists and quizzes. the times quiz has a section on mnemonics, and i actually knew four out of ten. if you need something to do for a couple of minutes, why not see how well you can do?

1. every good boy deserves favour [answer]
2. may i have a large container of coffee [answer]
3. richard of york gave battle in vain [answer]
4. kings play chess on fat girls' stomachs [answer]
5. my very educated mother just served us nine pizzas [answer]
6. spring ahead, fall back [answer]
(i wouldn't count this one but who am i to argue with the times?)
7. sergeant major hates eating onions [answer]
8. you go brown before potting black [answer]
9. bless my dear aunt sally [answer]
(cannot think of any time ever that i will need to use this, so of course i shall now remember it!) goodness but eating hot nachos causes pain [answer]

and if you are not already sick of this, here is a site with a few more examples.

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