Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mukoko remains in prison

From Radio Netherlands worldwide online yesterday:

"Zimbabwe's Mukoko must stay in jail
Published: Wednesday 31 December 2008 10:55 UTC
Last updated: Wednesday 31 December 2008 15:45 UTC

In Zimbabwe, a Harare court has ruled that the prominent Zimbabwean human rights activist Jestina Mukoko must remain in jail. Ms Mukoko and 15 co-defendants will appear before a judge on Monday. They are accused of plotting a coup against President Robert Mugabe. Ms Mukoko was taken from her home three weeks ago and held in a secret location. This led to fierce protests both in Zimbabwe and abroad. The European Union demanded her release and that of the other suspects. The Zimbabwean opposition views the case as the latest attempt by the government to silence protesters. Almost all the 15 others accused with Ms Mukoko are members of the MDC opposition party.

The Zimbabwean Supreme Court ruled last week that the secret detention of Ms Mukoko and the other suspects was unlawful. The government appealed against the ruling."

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