Sunday, January 04, 2009

On the buses

A British lecturer in mental toughness says that where you sit on a Routemaster bus is an indication of your personality type:

"He concluded that bus passengers fell into seven distinct groups. Those at the front on the top deck are generally forward thinkers and those at the back are rebellious types who do not like their personal space being invaded, he found. Sitting in the middle are independent thinkers - usually younger to middle-aged passengers more likely to read a newspaper or listen to a personal music player. On the bottom deck at the front tend to be gregarious meeters-and-greeters while those in the middle are "strong communicators". Travellers who automatically head for the rear downstairs are said to be risk-takers who like to sit on elevated seats because it makes them feel important. He defined a final group as chameleons - travellers who do not care where they sit because they feel they can fit in anywhere."

Hmmmmm. I like to sit on the elevated seats on the left, particularly the first seat. I think, however, that this has something to do with being as near to the door as possible and thus being able to jump off quickly if I need to - so lessening the risk. See the rest of the article.

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