Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes, I cried

It is official - we have a grown-up in the White House. Now we shall wait and see what he is able to do.

It was almost as cold in our living-room this morning as it was in DC. I wrapped myself in a duvet and waited for my feet and the inauguration to warm up. Rick Warren, apart from his regular work, was actually not offensive if I listened to what he said filtered through my belief system rather than his (and I liked that he began with the Shema - Hear O Israel). Aretha was stunning, as was her hat. Until the swearing-in, though, all I could think of was that I wish my father had been here to see this day come to pass. He was one of the foot-soldiers in the fight for civil rights, and I cried the tears of joy he would have cried had he been here.

All the speeches and prayers were too long - Obama could have cut two minutes by simply quoting JFK's 'ask not what your country can do for you'. The old preacher at the end was brilliant - as he staggered up to the mike asking for blessing on those of weary years I was amused but with trepidation. He then wittered on for a while before ending on a high, though, with his colourful flower power note.

The main thing is that the party is now over and it is time to get some work done. Happy Inauguration Day!

President Obama's Inauguration speech here, courtesy of the BBC online.

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