Saturday, July 14, 2007

english sweets aka candy bars

o my, there's a curly wurly!

today's ny times has two whole internet pages devoted to the best sweets in the world, i.e., english ones. it begins:

"A TELEVISION news producer from Atlanta recently made a deal with her boss, who was traveling in London. The producer promised she would submit her script for an investigative story ahead of deadline in exchange for two British Kit Kats and a Curly Wurly bar."

i understand this. i may be diabetic (type 2, for about 8 years) and thus must regard chocolate, especially an english cadbury's dairy milk or maltesers which are sold at stop'n'shop damn their eyes, must regard it as death-delivering poison. nevertheless, just a picture of a flake or a crunchie bar causes immediate salivation. the american cadburys do not taste the same. they are ersatz, and according to the article are actually made by hershey. sacrilege!

the whole article is here.

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