Friday, July 06, 2007

the melting slopes of everest

i'm heading off to join my class for a shabbaton. something for me to think about this shabbat - what can i do for tikkun olam, to help heal the earth? this article in the independent was a response to a survey that revealed:

" ... most Britons remain unconvinced about the extent of climate change and that terrorism, crime, graffiti and even dog mess are more pressing issues for the UK."

the sons of the first men to reach the summit of mount everest tell us that:

"The base camp where Sir Edmund and Norgay began their ascent is 40 metres lower than it was in 1953. The glacier on which it stands, and those around it, are melting at such a rate that scientists believe the mountain, whose Nepalese name, Qomolangma, means Mother of the World, could be barren rock by 2050."

there is no question either that climate change is a problem, or that human beings have to do something about it, yesterday! listen and believe.

shabbat shalom!

ps happy birthday lis!!

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