Tuesday, July 10, 2007

female circumcision in england

the metropolitan police in london are beginning a campaign tomorrow to make sure everyone knows that genital mutilation of women is a crime in britain.

"In Britain, the problem mostly involves first-generation immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Police say they don't have comprehensive statistics about the number of victims. But midwife Comfort Momoh, who specializes in treating them at London hospitals and clinics and who works with police, told the news conference she treats 400 to 500 victims every year. Arranging or carrying out the procedure — in Britain or abroad — is a criminal offense punishable by up to 14 years in prison, but no one has been prosecuted since it was banned under British law in 2003 ... Police estimate up to 66,000 girls in Britain face the risk of genital mutilation."

yahoo carries the latest ap report here


  1. Echoriath7:57 am

    Where are the articles and public condemnations of male genital mutilation? Or is the praactice just to ingrained in western culture to be recognized for being evil?

  2. Winston Fatback8:16 am

    Male genital mutilation? I assume you are talking about the practice of circumcision- which is not debilitating, and much more hygienic. Can you say smegma?
    Female circumcision is just another brutal practice by savage people wanting to control their wives and daughters. No respect.

  3. Man with skin intact.8:39 am

    Male circumcision - mutilation, although less invasive than female circumcision, should not be performed on anyone under 18 years of age. Let the grown man a and woman decide if they wan their organs changed. As for male circumcision, you boys without that "insignificant piece of the skin", don't know what you are missing!
    Winston Fatback have you ever heard of these two words: Soap and water?
    Men have smegma, women have other stuff, which does not smell nice if not cleaned regularly. It is our nature, accept it.

  4. Anonymous9:21 am

    It's amazing to me that in so many countries WOMEN are the people who suffer greatly at the hands of MEN because MEN can't control their urges, their thoughts about sex, their lusts, their sexual appetite.....on and on. So, WOMEN have to bear the burden for their sins. Why is it that MEN continually sexually abuse women and children but I don't see a line to whack off their genitalia? YES, I'm really ticked off about this because it is a horrific crime against WOMEN; it is unexcusable.

    Women have suffered enough at the hands of MEN. Even in the U.S. -- How many women have died recently at the hands of an abductor? Pregnant women, college women, middle age women.... Every day, on the evening news, another victim that has been taken and destroyed. EVERY DAY.

  5. female genital mutilation is not just about having a tiny flap of skin the size of a fingernail clipping cut off on or around the 8th day of life, and i do not see any way in which complete removal of the clitoris, following by sewing up the vulva leaving only a tiny hole for menstrual fluid and urine to come out, and penises to enter; not to mention the severe and continual pain, the infections and often death that result from the practice, may be compared.

  6. echoriath3:46 am

    Ravaj: The male foreskin may be the size of a fingernail clipping shortly after birth, but how big is a woman's clitoris shortly after birth? I realize that women are not generally circumcised until the start of puberty, though it is worth pointing out that some cultures wait till the same age to circumcise males.

    I think neither practice is defensible. I will readily concede that female circumcision is generally far more invasive than male circumcision, but it should also be noted that the male foreskin is in many ways analogous to the female clitoris when it comes to sexual pleasure.