Sunday, July 15, 2007

we're back!

qpr 1 - 5 celtic

the first pre-season friendly for qpr saw us thrashed by the mighty bhoys from glasgow. there are no reports yet on the qpr list, so all i have to go on is the website which is shite as usual. i see that jake cole saved a penalty, so yah boo sucks to everyone saying he is no more than a reserve. he is all we have right now, folks! our goal was scored by another delightfully named player kieron st amie. but where was lee cook? probably packing his bags for fulham. ray jones was missing. stefan bloody moore started. right now i am listening to the sunday sport show on bbc london and qpr fans are calling and texting their disappointment and anticipation of relegation. hmmmmm ... it's only july, and we have already achieved the nadir of nay-saying :-(

ps apparently the r's player pictured here is chris barker

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