Sunday, February 10, 2008

bastien gonzalez

who is bastien gonzalez?

the other day, i found an article by lynn barber in the observer all about an amazing pedicure that she had from a chap called bastien gonzalez. he is known as a celebrity podiatrist, and has developed his own philosophy about feet:

"My old NHS chiropodist always told me the secret of good feet was to wear sensible shoes, preferably Birkenstocks. But of course Bastien is French and horrified by that idea. 'You can't say to a woman you mustn't wear high heels because she will hate you! Pointy shoes and high heels are part of her life! Eating is bad for your teeth but you have to eat, no? If you want to wear high heels that's fine, but you have to be careful of your feet, keeping the mobility of the toes, working on the elasticity of the skin and replumping the fatty cushions. It is cure, cure, because if you don't take care of your feet, you destroy them.'" (read the rest of her article here)

apart from the fact that i love the pic, which is from the reverence de bastien universe, why would i blog this? well, it just so happens that my sister met him a few years ago at her gym. they got to talking, and he mentioned that he was a bit bored with his current feet. n. said that she had a great challenge for him - the feet of our father! ahf's feet had always been a source of fear and loathing in our family, particularly his toenails. even now i clench as i recall them. nu - bastien accepted the challenge, and i have to say that the man is a miracle worker! what he did for our father's feet was unbelievable. he made them human again!! we shall always be grateful to bastien.

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