Sunday, February 10, 2008

generation nigella?

about a week ago, the telegraph had a little debate about our friend nigella lawson. is she the best female role model? after noting your own opinion, if you have one, do pop over to the article and have a good read. of course i am pretty pro-nigella. but then i am currently an overworked student who lives life mainly through her computer. nevertheless, i enjoyed the heart of hannah betts' positive perspective:

"Ah, Nigella - crazy name, still crazier penchant for straining sorbet cardigans. The heroine of plush-bottomed girls everywhere is one of the elite sorority whose starriness is so coruscating that we know them by first name alone. Only this one eats.

Where Madonna and Angelina are repellently control-freaky, Kylie too inflatable-doll, the Msses Moss and Winehouse too grubby, Paris and Nicole too LaLa, and Britters too bonkers, Nigella is amply, resplendently real. At the same time, she is sufficiently supra-real in the manner of beauty, wit, camp and cupcakery to reveal women such as Cherie Booth, or Blair's (now Brown's) Babes, for the po-faced bores they are."

best of all, this woman with a prominent place in the world of celebrity beauty is almost 50 years old. hurrah!

*waving at ms. snarker*

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