Saturday, February 09, 2008

southampton 2-3 qpr!

and he does it again! agyemang celebrates

as many of you know, what you - the fan - do during a game has a great effect on the result. if you wear certain underwear, and the team loses, those knickers are banished forevermore on match days. on the other hand, if you eat an entire haggis, and they win, you are doomed to repeat that feat until such time as it no longer works. today, i slept through the match and missed the entire thing. *sigh* it sounds like there was lots of action:

hogan ephraim in the thick of it

a southampton striker apparently missed an open goal from 8 yards out, and agyemang was a bit of a cheeky bugger when he stopped the ball on the goal-line to backheel it in. they scored in the first minute, and in the last minute, and we won. one annoying note - buzsaky got booked and will be suspended for the next match :-(

meanwhile, 'r's fans across the world celebrate an away win. huzzah!

rowly celebrates his goal, but not too much

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