Monday, February 25, 2008

what oscars?

actually, i have to admit that i did watch a few hours of the telecast. i had a bit of a temperature, and took a nice warm blanket, a bear and a pillow to the front room and turned on the television. haven't done that in months! there was some kind of crime thingy with mr big from sex in the city on one side of the oscar station that also had ben vereen in it with very black hair. there were a lot of l'oreal commercials i think, and jon stewart being rather bland. and there were some nice jewish boys who got a lot of prizes. the most compelling thing for me was the list of dead people, and i missed the beginning of that because i was trying to figure out the plot of the crime show. it ended with heath ledger, of course, although i think there were a few more distinguished people on the list like ingmar bergman or michaelangelo antonioni or deborah kerr etc. anyway, it is done. i was not amused. and julie christie lost to marion cotillard who played piaf in a biopic.

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