Wednesday, February 20, 2008

winston churchill's teeth

breaking news today is that the british might have lost the second world war if it were not for winston churchill's dentist. the sub-standard reports:

""A spokesman said: "For Churchill, a well-fitting denture was a crucial physical and psychological prop. It allowed him to speak effectively - a vital attribute for any politician, and especially for one whose speaking skills were so central to his success. Throughout his adult life Churchill was haunted by the fear of losing his ability to speak." Churchill's original dentures were made from hardened rubber, but he found them uncomfortable and often put them in his pocket. Once he sat on them which prompted a hasty repair. But he had a second pair made, which this time had a larger palate which he found more comfortable."

read the full story here. the thank-you letter to his dentist will be auctioned at bonham's next month. that's just around the corner from home. if i were in london, that might be a fun cash in the attic kind of morning activity :-)

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