Saturday, July 26, 2008

the anti vanna white

ravaj tower is silent as the news has just reached its inhabitants that carol vorderman is to step down from our favourite channel 4 show 'countdown' after 26 years. the telegraph reports:

"Kevin Lygo, Channel 4's director of television and content said "We are extremely sorry to see Carol leave. "She has made an enormous contribution to the success of Countdown over the last 25 years. We hope to work with her again on other projects." Countdown viewers have watched Vorderman transform on screen from an awkward 21-year-old to one of the most glamorous faces on television. She owes her success to her mother who noticed a newspaper advertisement asking for a woman with good mathematical skills to appear on a quiz show, and sent in her application form."

the rest of the article is here

during the word part of the programme, carol's job was to pick out the letters and place them on the board. "vowel please, carol." she would say thank you. "consonant, carol." thank you again. the usual pretty and vapid assistant to the main guy who got to make all the jokes. but then, when they got to the math part, as the wiki piece says: "Vorderman was a new type of game show hostess, revealing her intellectual ability by carrying out fast and accurate arithmetical calculations as part of the game". carol was brilliant. and as the show developed, she got to chat a little bit more as well instead of just being a game-piece. i love that show. don't know if i shall be able to watch it when i go home if she is no longer there. meanwhile, goodbye and thank you!

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