Wednesday, July 09, 2008

bee news

busy bee at wimbledon

what with this bee that was bugging venus, the bee theme in the most recent series of doctor who that was finally revealed to be (sorry) that some of the bees were aliens and their disappearance left a trail that helped the doctor figure out some important plot point, and this reuters report:

"A truck containing 330 crates of bees, about 12 million of them altogether, overturned on a major highway near the town of St Leonard, New Brunswick, in Eastern Canada on Monday, setting free thousands of irritated stinging insects. Police sealed off the vehicle and called for expert help with the millions that were left inside. "Trying to unload 12 million agitated bees out of the back of a truck would not be a good situation," said Derek Strong, a local spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A team of beekeepers arrived and poured smoke into the truck to calm down the bees, which will be moved later in the day. Police said there was no general danger to the public. "If there's anyone in St Leonard who is allergic to bees, we're recommending they leave town for a couple of hours," Strong told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp."

at least now we know where some of the bees are.

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