Friday, July 25, 2008

red sox 0-1 yanks

i know not everyone is into sport, especially baseball. have i mentioned that the best thing for me about baseball is that there is no time limit to the game? rather, it takes as long as it takes. that makes it very different to all the other popular american sports, where time boundaries create an extra pressure that can crush talent and pervert skill in order to force a result. ok footie is limited to 90 minutes, but at least there are no time-outs, or breaks between plays, and any time wasted is added on at the end.

anyway, living in boston as i do, and with the yankees not having much of a year so far, i must celebrate tonight's win. in the bottom of the 8th inning, when farnsworth came on and the commentators noted his unbroken run of scoreless innings, and the r. sox immediately put runners on first and second base, well, i knew i had to make the ultimate sacrifice again and turn off the television. so i did. and now i see we held on. hurrah. it was worth it! so well done joba. a win at fenway!!

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