Friday, July 25, 2008

gina gershon

lord knows how i ended up with this youtube vid but here it is. i have loved gina gershon. she plumbs and paints, she pole-dances and now ... she sings. i am of the myriad women who own uncut copies of the movie 'bound' with certain scenes more worn by use than others. these days, since hollywood has its quota of parts for middle-aged women, and gina is not part of the upper echelon of actresses that fill those parts, she is exploring other interests.

the thing is, i am still kind of numb from watching this video. is it truly awful? for crying out loud, i can sing better than that when i have a cold. am i missing some incredible socially satirical point that is being made here? this made my head spin, and not in a good way. i think i need to go back to youtube and find that kiss from 'showgirls' to restore my memory bank.

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