Friday, July 18, 2008

lindsay is a lesbian?

lindsay lohan and sam ronson step out

ok, maybe the title is kind of screaming for attention. after all, just because a woman is in a romantic relationship with another woman does not make her a lesbian ... she is just exhibiting some lesbian behaviour. she's young, she's just experimenting. in any case, celebrities do not live in the same world that we do or by the same rules, do they? OUCH! it is utterly fascinating to me that photos and discussions of these issues are now so popular in the press. almost presented the same way het relationships are. except of course in real life things are just not that simple. if you don't have the money or the status so you can tell people to eff off and just live your life, then you have still to put up with harassment and shame and secrets and lies. it's not as if you can say to your parents, 'well, lindsay is doing it' and they will say, 'well ok then sweetie.' or am i so out of touch with this generation that i really don't get that it is absolutely no big deal?

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