Monday, December 04, 2006

mobile phones

had a lovely few hours in the mall today. i went to the verizon shop to get a new battery, since my phone cannot stay awake for more than 60 minutes. i bought it only 2 years ago, and it has served me well.

the gentleman in the verizon shop gave me the following advice: you can buy a new battery for $40, or you can sign up for 2 more years, and then you can have any new phone in the store for up to $150 absolutely free, if you pay $50 and then get a rebate. well, a free, fancier phone - or a forty-dollar battery and an old battered phone. no brainer, right?

i did get the new phone. unfortunately, while it came with a home charger, the old car charger that i had bought for the old phone would not work with the new phone. if i were to buy a new charger, it would work with the old phone, although that phone would be deactivated once i bought the new one. but it would only be $29.99 plus tax for a new one.

i did get the charger as well. after all, it only cost me 2 more years of verizonitude, and about $80. great deal, eh?

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