Tuesday, December 05, 2006

potbellied pigs

as a person with some passing interest in pigs, i noticed recently a report that george clooney's pet potbelly pig, max, had died at the ripe old age of 19. further investigation of this news led me to the pigs4ever website, where i found the following important advertisements fyi:

"Bulky Lax Plus

An extremely high source of fiber. A high quality source of necessary vitamins. Keeps stool in good condition. To be fed as a supplement on all feeds.

Reduces likelihood of aggressive pigs. (Those that want to nip and snip.) Pigs4Ever.com has used this particular product for years, particularly in the winter when our pigs do not get much exercise. It helps in keeping them regular.

Elder-Aide GM

For pigs that are suffering from: loss of memory, loss of hearing, poor muscle tone, un-thriftiness, alertness, arthritic conditions and general pain and discomfort.

We have combined ELDER-AIDE, GLUCOSAMINE, AND MSM, three of the best pain relief remedies available for pet pigs today, and established the best over-all pet pig pain product.

The first all-natural biological source of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, digestive bacteria, yeast culture, yucca shidigera extract, along with Glucosamine, and MSM, ELDER-AIDE-GM will provide significant relief, or totally eliminate stiff and painful joints, usually within 10 days."

i have just spent a couple of minutes wondering how one can tell if a pig has lost his/her memory, and what exactly is 'un-thriftiness'?

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