Thursday, December 28, 2006

the 'sky torah'

can't believe i missed it - the party at jfk to welcome the first ever torah that will travel the sky. unfortunately, i was just finishing a therapy session and was far too vulnerable and too far away. here is one version of the pr release:

" Israir Airlines Introduces the 'Sky-Torah'

First Ever Torah Scroll to Fly the Skies - Grand Welcome Parade and Celebration at JFK

VALLEY STREAM, N.Y., Dec. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Israir Airlines will soon become the first airline to maintain an authentic Torah Scroll on board its aircraft. The "Sky-Torah," handwritten according to Jewish custom by a professional Jewish Scribe especially for the airline, is the first of its kind. The Torah will enhance the prayers of those who are in the skies, praying in the closest place to God in the world. Keeping a traditional Torah Scroll*, on an aircraft is the idea of Rabbi Shlomo Elharar, Chief Rabbi of Colombia, South America. After years of hard work towards this dream, the Torah is finally ready to be installed permanently on board one of Israir's aircrafts.

The Torah will be completed December 27 in Aventura, Florida, and will be escorted to JFK Airport in New York for a welcome celebration, and then to Israel. The Torah will be welcomed on its way to Israel with a grand celebration in JFK Airport, Terminal 4, December 28, 12:00 pm. The Torah will be carried under a traditional "chuppah," with singing, dancing, live music, children and important Rabbis and dignitaries in attendance. The Torah is dedicated to the Chief Rabbi of Colombia and to the fallen soldiers of Israel, and those still in captivity."

why have a scroll on a plane? yahoo says:

"The Torah will be housed in a compartment on the plane and will be accessible through a flight attendant."

do you think people are going to read from it? i'd be interested to see hakkafah, hagba and glilah at 35,000 feet :-)

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