Sunday, March 04, 2007

macy's piglet

went to meet my friends from california at the international center of photography in midtown manhattan today. we went to see the cartier bresson exhibition, which was pretty good. the photos we saw first, however, got to me a little more. there are a few of them here. martin munkacsi, according to the cards on the wall, was an inspiration for hcb to pick up his camera and just go out on the street. i think his work struck me more because it was in hungary and germany around the time omi and tante ilona and their friends were still living their lives and going to some of the places pictured (e.g. bad kissingen). there are a few photos of the early nazi times. the photographer was an hungarian jew, and i felt a bit like some of his shots were old family pix of distant cousins. not making much sense about this i think. also, munkacsi was a sports photographer for a while, and there were a couple of football shots in the exhibition :-)

on the way, i decided to take a piglet pic at macy's. i propped him up on the ridge of the top of a brass sign and stepped back. just then, the wind blew and he fell. it has happened many times before. usually i dash to catch him before he falls off the mountain or into the river. today, i clicked the shutter and only then rushed to pick him up. i rather like this shot - head over heels in new york city!

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  1. It looks like Piglet's jumping for joy -- like he was tossed up in the air for this picture. Beautiful!