Thursday, March 08, 2007

panda needs artificial paw

here is the latest panda news from the times.

a panda in distress was taken to a rescue centre in china. she had lost a paw in a fight with other pandas:

"Niu Niu has difficulty feeding herself because pandas need both paws to grasp the bamboo, and she requires constant help. But that is not the only shortcoming that confronts a three-pawed panda. Her loss of balance has severely affected her love life. Without her fourth paw she cannot stand up — and that means that she is unable to mate. So staff at the rescue centre in Shaanxi province, northwest China, came up with the idea of fitting her with a prosthetic limb."

ok - take a deep breath and prepare to flinch:

paw thing :-(

*grabs anorak and runs swiftly out the door*

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  1. Looks like someone should write a Kama Sutra for pandas so they can learn some new positions....