Wednesday, March 21, 2007

woolmer latest

bit of a wobbly here - woolmer's death is now being treated as 'suspicious':

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what does this mean? reuters reports the statement made by the jamaican police:

"Having met the pathologist, medical personnel and other investigators, there is now sufficient information to continue a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr Woolmer which we are now treating as suspicious"

rumours now are going around that it may be murder. these are, however, just rumours. lawrence booth in yesterday's grauniad makes the case for stress:

"The suggestion that the stress of the job may have played a part in Woolmer's death has been supported by one of his predecessors as Pakistan coach, Richard Pybus. "I know it's the toughest job in cricket today," he said. "It's a very turbulent society and a very political environment to work in. Pakistan cricket seems to lurch from one drama to another and, as a coach, it takes a cumulative effect on you. Sometimes people can underestimate how great a toll that is. I know it took its toll on me as an individual, especially at the last World Cup.

"I think it's sad that Bob couldn't finish his work at the World Cup but all the stuff with that team wears you down.

"[Pakistan] have an amazing capacity to ambush themselves and never get into a space where it's simply plain sailing for a coach. You're always sitting there waiting for someone to lob a hand grenade and waiting for it to go off. You can never plan with such a team, because you don't even know what is happening tomorrow. I've always been sensitive to that, and I caught up with the side during their recent tour of South Africa and I could see that things were taking their toll on Bob then."

Woolmer was given an early taste of what to expect when fans back in Pakistan reacted to the team's 491-run defeat to Australia at Perth in December 2004 - his first Test in charge - by burning effigies of the new coach."

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