Saturday, March 10, 2007

qpr 1-1 sheffield wednesday

i don't know how much it had to do with this new guy - inigo idiakez - but we did not lose. unfortunately, we did not win, and most of our rivals did. it is beginning to look really quite possible that we will be relegated. my head is still deep down in the sand refusing to look, but when the ground collapses i shall sink into the abyss with the others. this is very depressing.

strangely enough, the day before qpr got a spanish player on loan, i bought a computer instant immersion spanish course. the very first lesson has given me many useful words to shout from the stands, well, a couple:

donde esta las aspirinas?

please forgive any mistakes, and be grateful that you only have to read this and aren't hearing my murderous accent :-)

ps for those of you who may wonder why a football team is named after a day of the week, a verifiable source from wikipedia notes:

"The club was a cricket team when it formed in 1820 as The Wednesday Cricket Club. A meeting on the evening of Wednesday 4 September 1867 at the Adelphi Hotel established a footballing side to keep the team together and fit during the winter months"

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