Friday, March 02, 2007

who is this (deux)?

the eurovision song contest is a tradition unknown to most north americans. to those of us who grew up in countries accepted as european for the purposes of the contest, it was the ultimate kitsch addiction. each country's main television station would choose a song that would compete in the international final. in the early days, i don't remember songs being in anything other than english or french or italian maybe. later on, and much more fun, you would hear many languages - turkish, norwegian, finnish, hebrew et al. there was a frisson of excitement in the uk recently when it seemed possible that morrissey might be the uk representative. that, alas, is no longer likely.

anyway, the singer pictured above is rather famous now. i don't know if it too easy to recognise her ... i did not manage to.

a list of all eurovision winners and the uk results may be found here.

my favourite eurovision songs?
first let me blush
puppet on a string by sandie shaw
boom bang-a-bang by lulu (don't really remember it but just adore lulu)
knock knock who's there? by mary hopkin (probably my favourite uk one)
waterloo by abba (of course)
i just liked looking at dana and olivia newton-john
hallelujah by milk & honey
and diva by dana international (not to be confused with dana from ireland, who was far less edgy and much less of a challenge to my sexual identity :-) )

ok ok ok i did like cliff richard too, alright?! power to all my friends ...

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