Thursday, March 29, 2007

thursday thirteen xiii

Thirteen Things I've Noticed About Being in London

1. the new £20 note.
2. the cafe in the crypt of st martin-in-the-fields is closed (the whole building is being refurbished) which is a pity as they do lovely veggie food.
3. the smell of the hyacinths in my mother's living room.
4. the new series of doctor who starts this weekend.
5. familiar bus routes have changed - got on a 452 yesterday thinking it was like a 52 and all of a sudden i was heading down sloane street instead of towards victoria!
6. twiggy is starring in commercials for marks & spencer
7. qpr are playing west brom on saturday (and i have a ticket!)
8. each morning when i wake up (and don't put on make-up) i can see hyde park through the window.
9. apparently all the smokers banned from the rest of the world's indoor spaces are now walking up and down oxford street.
10. you can view the cost of london underground fares in bengali, greek and urdu, but it still costs £4 ($8) for a one-way ticket.
11. patisserie valerie has become a chain.
12. hurrah. i am here while the london gay & lesbian film festival is taking place (and i've even seen some films).
13. it's raining.
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  1. 452s rock. I will be on one on this weekend heading to Notting Hill Gate (ahem from Sloane Square). And Oyster cards let you get most London transport 'half price' ;-)

    My TT is up too.