Monday, April 07, 2008

and what of the yankees?

damon's bat is broken by a devil rays pitch

the picture above kind of tells the story. the yanks are at .500, second bottom of the a.l. east. the only comfort is that the red sox are beneath them :-) the offence has yet to spark, and the pitching is still not right. i used to love andy pettitte, but i'm not so sure now; and i was never terribly fond of mussina. o well, over 150 games still to go so there is lots of time for a happy ending or a hundred.


  1. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Baseball? But you're not American! Wow.

  2. dear notorious - my deepest darkest secret is that i was actually born here. in new york city. in manhattan. while my father was doing his doctorate at columbia u.

    we left when i was 2, but it was enough to count - currently i still have a better chance of becoming president of the usa than the governator.