Saturday, April 05, 2008

qpr 2 - 2 preston north end

camp helps to keep us in the game

from all that i hear we were quite dire. akos is still out, and rowan is out for the season with a busted leg. just because we are safe now doesn't mean that we shouldn't be trying. *sigh* 0-2 down with 1 minute to go a lot of people had already gone home, after all, the new season of doctor who begins tonight. i learned my lesson in the early eighties never to leave early when we came back from 1-3 to win 4-3 against oldham i think it was. anyway, bring on wild thing as a sub and even though his legs just cannot do it any more, he has the will and he has the spirit and he dragged us back scoring one and assisting with the equaliser. which was in the 93rd minute. of a 90-minute match. nu - the most exciting thing i heard from the listee reports was that juzza got sir tom finney's autograph. wow!

a blurry view of dex's goal

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