Monday, April 21, 2008

o akos, my akos (live)

risking the affection of my dear mother in the hours before the seder was to begin, i set out early to loftus road for the express purpose of righting a wrong from my last trip when i let akos walk by without asking him for a picture. this time, as you see, i highlight his elegance with my jet-lagged hair.

akos was named as a substitute for this game against charlton (i'll save you the suspense - we won 1-0. hurrah.). thus it was that i tested the limits of my lumix digital camera with regard to action photos:

sadly, although he was brought on as a sub in the second half, we were attacking the school end, i.e., far away from me, and with the skies beginning to darken i was unable to take any pics of the boy in action.

noam says akos is her boyfriend. i acknowledge that i cannot argue with that. it does not, however, detract from the chaste love that i have for this player. he is doing well enough that rumours abound re his imminent departure to a more successful club. say it ain't so, ako (s)

ok, i have to stop this because jetlag will not be a good enough excuse :-)

1 comment:

  1. sisterofravj7:39 am

    He obviously has a real girlfriend, I, at no point, even in my most dilusional moments, truly believe that 'Akos is my boyfriend'.