Monday, April 14, 2008

a father of ravaj tale

just had the loveliest of conversations with an old family friend in tennessee. her late husband, r. sol kaplan z"l, was a great pal of r. albert h. they travelled through europe and israel together in their bachelor days. peggy told me a story about a time during their israel trip when they briefly parted ways. albert wanted to spend some serious time on a kibbutz, while sol did not, so they split up. sol joined a touring party of americans for a while. one day, the tour itinerary included a visit to a kibbutz. (you can see this coming, eh?) the tour guide was giving the spiel, and as the bus pulled over the guide pointed to a man pulling carrots and said, "let's have a chat with a typical kibbutznik!" the man, dressed in his dirty workclothes and kibbutz hat, came aboard the bus to meet the tourists; and sol and albert had a joyful reunion.


nb the mother of ravaj notes that in albert's version, the group goes over to albert and all of a sudden sol recognises him and says, "good god, it's friedlander!"

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