Thursday, April 03, 2008

the things they do with lego

i love lego. or legos as people here call them. they were my favourite toy as a child. red and white, with the occasional tiny yellow or black block, and the excitement of a sloping one that could be used for a roof, they were simple and fun. they are still a lot of fun now, and i cannot be critical of the prefab sets since my office desks had lego harry potter helping yoda to fight darth vader, and the window sill in my room right now has indiana jones jousting with the black knight while sir george and denholm elliot speed towards a nazi checkpoint on a motorbike with sidecar.

since the kind of imagination we had to use when i first played with lego is no longer so relevant, fans have adapted their imagination to contemporary ideas of fun. this could be an explanation for things like this.

nu today i found an article that presented famous photographs recreated in lego. my apologies that i have mislaid the url, but here is an example for you to enjoy:

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