Sunday, April 06, 2008

charlton heston is dead

heston pickets a whites-only business in 1961

i have never been a fan of charlton heston, especially with regard to his conservative perspectives such as supporting the national rifle association. his most famous film, for which he won an oscar, was probably 'ben hur'. mort sahl reviewed the movie thus: "loved him, hated hur." i'll watch it again if all there is on the other channels is horse racing. on the other hand, he was responsible for that wonderful moment in 'planet of the apes' when he sees the broken head of the statue of liberty, realises he is on earth, and damns humanity. i do enjoy that! and he was a good sport on the dame edna everage shows when he fell down the stairs (well, the stunt heston did the actual falling i believe). anyway, may he rest in peace, gun in hand no more.

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  1. He's probably being processed into Soylent Green as I type!