Thursday, February 15, 2007

ah yes, torvill and dean ...

i don't know if i get nostalgic because it's a way of not dealing with the present, or if i hope that things i enjoy from the past will add energy to my present. probably a bit of both :-)

anyway, via the guardian weekly youtube blog i somehow ended up watching old torvill and dean triumphs. i liked them because they were from england and still amazing. actually i liked them because they were from nottingham (where i spent some years at uni). more than anything i liked them because they were brilliant. they totally changed their sport, from a kind of ballroom dancing on ice, to something that was still dance, but had athleticism and imagination. i was trying to choose between posting their version of bolero, and this particular piece. this piece won because barnum is one of my favourite musicals. oh, and feel free to move on after the scores ... the chat afterwards is a minute of your life you won't get back

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