Thursday, February 22, 2007

the last thursday thirteen :-(

Thirteen Favourite Albums from Ravaj

i just read on the TT website that they are closing down. no idea why. it was a great idea. maybe it grew too big? or too expensive to run? in any case, i've enjoyed the thoughts and limited contact with other TT-ers.

meanwhile, here are 13 albums that i love. some are all-time favourites. some are recent discoveries. most of them show how stuck in the past i am today. i almost added lily allen's debut - alright still - but am still working on that. i bought it because of the cover she made of a track from the specials' album, and i think she has been listening quite a lot to her daddy's record collection :-) i like the ska background in a lot of the tracks. i like her anger re failed relationships :-) as i said, i'm working on it.

1. The End of the Holiday by Chava Alberstein
(i saw chava alberstein in concert in green bay wisconsin a few years ago and this album was the one that provided most of the music.)

2. Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles
(this album was the first i ever owned)

3. Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie
(if i had to pick just one of these all-time this would be the one. where were the spiders?)

4. No Need to Argue by The Cranberries
(the voice of dolores o'riordan just does something to me)

5. New Boots and Panties by Ian Dury and the Blockheads
(ian dury (in brighton) was one of the first concerts i ever went to (although the very first was the tom robinson band supported by stiff little fingers))

6. The Luxury Gap by Heaven 17
(temptation is one of my favourite of all-time. love singing along with let me go as well :-) . hell, the whole first side is brilliant. yes i am old i know cds don't have sides go back to your i-pod)

7. Ague pa'la Gente by Hip Hop Hoodios
(jewish-latino rap. really good for listening to when trying to walk fast)

8. Ingenue by K D Lang
(she won my heart at radio city music hall, and this is my favourite album of hers)

9. What's the Story Morning Glory? by Oasis
(i refused to listen to brit-pop boy bands. my friend edh gave me the cd as a gift. now a perennial favourite)

10. Barnum Original Broadway Cast Recording (Jim Dale)
(the experience of seeing barnum on broadway was one of the most exciting musical theatre experiences in my life so far (tied only with guys and dolls at the national theatre in london))

11. Laughter Through Tears by Oy Va Voi
(i have no memory how i found this album but i love it. officially listed as klezmer, but so much more than that. even my mother enjoyed them ... we went to a lunchtime concert at the albert hall and it turned out to be these guys)

12. The Specials by The Specials
(this is what i was listening to as a teenager. and madness ... 2tone music. this is why i knew nothing of the cars, or the talking heads, or whatever my american peers liked)

13. Cafe Bleu by The Style Council
(paul weller in any era, but as a complete album, this is my favourite)

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