Thursday, February 15, 2007

thursday thirteen meme x

Thirteen of My Favourite Yankees

Here's the thing. First of all, as a QPR supporter, I know the pits, depths and abysses of fandom. I am loyal, and optimistic, and masochistic. I also suffer from many of the typical ailments of a fan, e.g., I have a piece of clover from the pitch in the early 1980's pressed in my teenage scrapbook, I keep detailed statistics of each game played in charts on my computer, and I have myriad items of team-related clothing whose status of being lucky/unlucky to wear depend on how we did the last time I was wearing them.

I tell you this because I do not wish you to think that I am a glory hunter.

Secondly, British tradition is that your primary team to support must be the one nearest to where you were born. Bearing this in mind, since I was born when we lived in Manhattan on W. 116th & Broadway, and the Giants had already gone west, I am a staunch supporter of the New York Yankees. Flame away ... then read my list:

2. Derek Jeter
4. Lou Gehrig
5. Jo DiMaggio
9. Roger Maris
18. Johnny Damon
20. Jorge Posada
21. Paul O'Neill
23. Don Mattingly
31. Dave Winfield
36. David Cone
42. Mariano Rivera
46. Andy Pettite
51. Bernie Williams

of these, Dave Winfield was the first Yankee I ever loved, and Bernie Williams has been my most favoured for the last 12 years or so :-)

PS I do know that MLB retired the number 42 in honour of Jackie Robinson, but Mo wore it before that.

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  1. Where's Reggie Jackson?

  2. hey, kim ... not one of my favourites!