Saturday, February 17, 2007

posting photos on the blog

at first, i only knew how to blog pictures from flickr. but i am cheap/poor, and didn't pay them so i had a limit to how many pix i could store there.

today blogger suggested i upgrade to their new version. hmmmmm, i thought, maybe now i can do better with uploading pix! i am descended from luddites and yet i was somehow able to find my way to the faq. i couldn't, however, make any sense out of what i read there. there was supposed to be a button to press, but i could not find it (story of my life ;-) ).


a kind poster in the help group suggested that i abandon my beloved safari and switch to firefox, and that should solve my problems.

i did.
and it did.
feeling like i'm something pretty special at the moment!

hip hip HURRAH.

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